How to Make a Solid First Impression with Your Website

Why are first impressions so important?

It is said that first impression is the last impression, why so? It matters when you want to build a long term relationship or a long lasting trust. The same goes with a website, a site that has a powerful web presence enjoys more visibility as compared to others. This is only possible if you make a great first impression with your website. However, creating an amazing website that works for you is quite a complex process that requires hard work and creativity.

It’s no longer enough to have a website, it has to be well-designed, well-developed and well-promoted in order to gain a huge competitive advantage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss about how you can make an amazing first impression with your website and attract more audience. Check it out:-

  • Keep it Simple, Avoid Complex Designs – Don’t let your web designers show their entire talent in a single website as sometimes less is more. Keep in mind that the more you will include in your website, the slower it loads and visitors often have limited time. Keep the layout uncluttered and keep your theme colors simple and coordinated. Simple and functional designs are more liked by people out there.
  • It’s Better Know Your Audience – Your website is a gateway to your offerings and thus, it is important that you know your audience well. Consider the needs of your audience and why they are looking at your site. This will help you present your skills in a better way and offer your visitors what they want. Indulge in proper research before starting with the design and make sure there’s no confusion as to what you want to convey.
  • Don’t Just Go for Design Awards – You want sales, not design awards, so it’s better to focus on relevant content and graphics. Your website, in addition to clean and uncluttered design, must have a compelling offer. You are not alone in the market and there are others too selling the same product or service. It’s better to differentiate yourself by offering something unique and give visitors a reason to visit your website.
  • Make it Search Engine Friendly – Give proper title tags and descriptions to all pages such as home, about, work and contact. This will help search engines to easily find and index your site. The speed of your website also have a big impact on your search engine rankings and try not to overload it with unnecessary videos and images. You can check Page Speed Tool of Google to improve the speed of your site.
  • Keep it Updated – There’s nothing like a fresh content and it is important to keep everything updated to attract more visitors. Keep your blog and gallery updated so that your audience never feel like your website is outdated. If you have a blog, maintain it properly and update it with relevant and engaging content on regular basis.
  • So, now you know how to make a long lasting impression with your website.

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