Yahoo Attempting to Replace Google for Search Dominance

Yahoo and Mozilla just announced a partnership where Yahoo will succeed Google’s search engine on Firefox’s web browser in the United States.

Yahoo Inc hit a deal with Mozilla Corp, the maker of Firefox, to replace Google as the default search engine on the Firefox Web Browser in the US. According to Yahoo, the move aims to boost its flagging search market share. Starting in December, Firefox will use Yahoo as its default search engine in the US on desktop and mobile. The partnership is set to last five years and based on a revenue sharing agreement and includes some ‘guarantees’.

The new search experience is going to feature “a modern, clean and immersive design that reflects the hard work from the Mozilla team. No financial terms has been disclosed and it is not clear how the deal will affect the existing arrangement of Yahoo with Microsoft Corp. Microsoft’s Bing search engine currently powered Yahoo’s web search capabilities. The partnership will generate a ‘share gain’ for Yahoo, as disclosed by chief executive Marissa Mayer.

Mayer said, “It is one of largest independently-directed search share opportunities available in the market.” It means that users of the Firefox browser in the United States will automatically be routed to search results on Yahoo’s website at the time they type a query. The Mozilla Foundation has long made most of its revenue through its search partnership with Google. That contract is going with Google is going to expire this year. Looks like Yahoo made an interesting offer that Mozilla couldn’t trash or perhaps Google decided to walk away from the deal.

Yahoo said it has refurbished the look of its search engine, making more use of photos and graphics, for the new partnership. The Web search results will go on to be powered by Microsoft. This partnership will definitely give Yahoo and Microsoft a stronger online presence. While Firefox usage has declined over the last few years, the platform still accounts for at least 15% of the United States browser market.

We’ll have to wait to watch whether this partnership will be a boon for Firefox users or not.

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