Why Parallax Websites Lack Hold in Designing World

Why some web designing trends just fade away?

Much like fashion trends, web designing and development too goes through different phases and there are certain trends and techniques that rule the market every year. A trend that is a big hot today might loose its control in the coming months or even weeks. Parallax is a one of those examples whose trend has faded away with time. While it was one of the most popular and interesting design trends and there was a time when a majority of new sites were parallax.

The animated GIFs, the independently moving elements, the multiplane camera effect, 3D depth and that’s parallax happening. It was all about creating the illusion of depth in a 2D, just like we see objects moving in real life. More and more sites were transitioning to parallax for producing powerful pages and offering the right user experience. No wonder these websites were very good at conversion.

Instead of such a great popularity of parallax design, what could be the reasons that the so called web design trend has faded. In this piece of writing, we’ll try to explore some reasons on why parallax websites lacks hold in the web designing world. Let’s go:-

  • It Hurts the Search Engine Rankings – Well, when any website is developed in HTML5 or jQuery for solving the purpose of parallax scrolling, basically the entire content is on one page. In such a case, the SEO people won’t be able to provide separate meta title and descriptions for each page, thus affecting the search engine ranking of the website. The SEO people will have to work on a single URL, instead of a unique URL for each page which means no or very less scope for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Parallax Websites Load Too Slow – Parallax uses jQuery or Javascript which makes the site load really slow and that is one of the most disturbing factors. If any website fails to load fast, it have the chances to lose visitors as people on the Internet have limited time. Generally speaking, parallax is known for producing eye candy designs, but not well known for speed. This simple means that no matter how appealing your site is, you are sacrificing on visitors.
  • Parallax are Not Mobile Friendly – Parallax doesn’t really work on mobile devices, as they are visual-heavy sites only. The compatibility of parallax websites with mobile devices and various browsers gets hampered greatly because of their nature. This all makes them a less compatible and a bad option for mobile devices especially when the whole world is going mobile.
  • These are three but major cons of parallax websites and after-all design trends come and go. There are only a handful of sites working with parallax today as it’s not actually an e-commerce trend. I believe that designers are working hard to keep up with the flow.

    Kudos to web designers and developers that embrace innovative experiences and bring to us the most user-friendly design while keeping up with the latest trends.

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