The Social Media Marketing Trends that will Rule the World in 2014

The unimaginable growth of social media has made it an outstanding marketing tool for different businesses. With the explosive growth of Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, the companies are reaping out great benefits. Billions of people are becoming registered users of these popular social media platforms. There’s nothing wrong if we call social media a mandatory tool for businesses in 2014.

You can tell more with videos:

Facebook and Twitter have already started focusing more on video ads as they are more powerful for advertisement and branding. The real time video tweets of Twitter are a huge opportunity for marketers when it comes to sharing right moment with right people.

Google+ will dominate…. finally:

With some changes in its search algorithm and the progression of its popular functionality Google Hangout as a stand-alone application, Google+ is ready to dominate. It has always been a popular medium for some strategic marketers but now it will garner more attention.

LinkedIn will boost B2B business growth:

It’s another popular social networking platform for business professionals, a fastest-growing site for people looking for creating long-term business relationships. It is transforming itself into the one and only social networking platform for business-minded individuals.

Twitter is all set to rock in the coming year:

You need to better understand the platform and Twitter can be a great platform for marketers. Many popular brands and celebs already use Twitter, especially those related with travel & hospitality. It’s going to be a better place for businesses.

An image tells a thousand words:

The popularity of Pinterest, Tumblr and Slideshare will keep on increasing as a picture can tell more than words. Though you cannot ignore the value of a powerful title, content having images is more likely to be liked and shared.

Summing up, it is predicted that marketers will have to keep a close eye over all social media platforms to obtain a better edge over competition. The coming year will be the year of social acceptance which means that businesses will increase the budget allocated to social media marketing.

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