Microsoft to Fix a Security Flaw in Internet Explorer, Windows XP Still at Risk

Are you still using the same 12-year-old operating system? Be careful, as a new security flaw has been discovered in Internet Explorer web browser.

Microsoft Corp is rushing to fix a security flaw in its Internet Explorer after it is been disclosed by a computer security firm. The company clarified on Saturday its plans to fix the flaw targeting the browser’s versions 9 through 11. It warned users that a vulnerability in all versions could let hackers gain complete access over your computer, allowing them to run programs or delete your important data.

That’s not a good news, but at least Microsoft is rushing to fix on a modern version of Windows while Windows XP will not receive any patch. The company has stopped supporting its old operating system and according to the firm’s estimate 15 to 25 percent PCs in the world still run Windows XP. This is first discovered security flaw since the company ended its support, and it simply indicates that Windows XP is no more secure.

The security firm FireEye Inc, a division that helps companies deal with cyber attacks, said that a sophisticated group of hackers have been manipulating the bug in a campaign called – ‘Operation Clandestine Fox’. The division described the group as ‘extremely proficient at lateral movement’ which is ‘difficult to track’. The campaign is said to be targeted against U.S. based firms but the motives are still unclear.

Microsoft said that the bug could allow that group to take complete control of your system, and do things like installing malicious programs, creating accounts and deleting data without your knowledge. The company asked users to move on to modern operating system as Windows XP will no more receive any updates. The old version is exposed to security risks and you may lose your important data to hackers.

The Internet Explorer users can do certain things to avoid this exploit and the easiest among all methods is to use a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome. Those who still want to stick with Internet Explorer, the company has published some advanced methods such as Enhanced Protected Mode.

It’ll be good for you to take some action before your important data gets exploited…….  

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