Microsoft to Compete Android with its New Affordable Phones

Microsoft is planning to compete Google’s Android with its new range of phones running on Windows Operating System.

Windows phone has had a troubled history since its debut in 2010, each phone has suffered some major functional gaps. These gaps made Windows phone clearly inferior to the Android and and the iPhone, but now the things have changed. Windows phone are slowly rolling out, closes more of the functional gaps and ready to hit the ground with more affordable phones. Microsoft is planning to take over Google’s Android with its new rage of Windows phone this year.

Microsoft’s country GM – Chakrapani Gollapali said, “I think in the coming months, you will see some really aggressive portfolio expansion.” You must be aware that Android dominates the global market while Apple iOS holds a premium segment. Microsoft Windows OS failed to get a good hold as Windows-powered phones held only 3% of the world’s Smartphone market.

But the giant seems to be very serious about its portfolio and has recently taken steps to boost the adoption of its devices. The company has made Windows free for companies involved in manufacturing phone and tablets. The giant is also offering a one year free subscription to cloud-based 365 service on the latest devices.

The company is coming up with many offers at a time when it has also stitched up partnerships with a string of phone makers. These phone manufacturers also include Indian companies and the idea is to make affordable devices offering the Windows OS.

The company has just announced its Windows Phone 8.1 and also revealed its alliances with Indian phone makers like Karbonn, Lava, Xolo and Micromax. It looks like the Microsoft wants to reap out the potential of Indian Smartphone market.

According to the Microsoft – the Windows Phone had managed to attract customers and now a significant portion of people is switching to Windows platform. It wants to win the Global market with the low-priced phones.

What do you prefer – an Android, Apple iOS or Windows…..  

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