Microsoft to Come with Apple-like Trackpad Gestures for Windows 10

Microsoft is making the next version of Windows better for users by introducing new trackpad gestures. The tech giant has just announced that trackpad gestures are getting a makeover in coming Windows 10.

It is a good news for Windows laptop users that more advanced gestures are now making their way into the popular operating system. Microsoft is borrowing new features from Apple, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be same. This is of course a big jump and worth investing in the improvement of such a popular operating system.

Microsoft corporate VP Joe Belfiore said in a speech at the TechEd Europe conference on Tuesday, “In the past, touchpads on Windows have really been done very differently because OEMs do them. With Windows 10 operating system we’re adding support for power users in a touchpad, where multiple finger gestures, which all of your power users learn, can make you really efficient.”

A number of useful gestures have been added like a three-finger swipe downward brings you to your desktop. A three-finger horizontal swipe and three-finger swipe up displays multi desktop ‘task view’ lets you quickly switch between different applications. Both Microsoft and Apple have borrowed desktop features from each other as the companies don’t hesitate making great ideas its own.

Microsoft is also working on window snapping on multiple monitors, something users have been calling for. The feature drifts apps in the center of the monitor split, and then steadily drags them in the direction of the transparent snap window that appears. The tech giant is planning to bring more advanced and useful features to an upcoming Windows 10 Technical Preview build.

It looks like the company is focusing on smoothing out the power user experience by bringing new features to the upcoming operating system.

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