Content Marketing: A Simple Rule of Thumb for Success

Kickstart this year with effective content marketing!

Today, it’s like no business without a website and it is imperative to keep it on the top so that you can enjoy more traffic, more sales and more revenue. Regardless of what type of and how many marketing techniques you use to bring your website to top search results, content marketing will always be an important part.

As per Google guidelines, quality content is the main part of content marketing, no matter what your business is. It could be in any form: press releases, news articles, product articles, blogs, videos, or social media.

Why content marketing is such an effective tool?

According to a source, 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing to generate more traffic and revenue. Consumers these days are fed up of thousands of product specific advertisements and many researches continually shows that content marketing is more liked by them. Content marketing has the potential to reach a larger audience looking for useful information or support.

For example, a cosmetics website can talk about the beauty issues, different types of products, how to use products and more. This way any company can target a bigger audience without irritating them with product specific advertisements and promotions. By delivering useful, entertaining and high quality content, any website can create a niche for itself. Through a website, people are not forced to subscribe for or buy any product, they are free to make their choices.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

  • People don’t want forced promotions, they want valuable information which can only be provided through useful content.
  • Quality content easily spreads via social networks, and you already know the power of social media.
  • Google ranks those websites well with high quality and informative content, and it’s better for your business. Right?
  • Content is the best way to get people know and trust your brand, and hence it builds credibility.
  • Most people prefer reading about the product before making a decision to purchase it.
  • Informative content helps build stronger and long-term relationships and this way increase referrals.
  • Most people prefer learn about the company through blogs and articles rather than advertisements.
  • Today, people spend almost 25% of their time at social media platforms looking for some useful information.
  • Most people follow brands via social channels and they prefer reading about the product and reasons to buy it.
  • In nutshell, quality content generates leads, increases direct sales and improves brand loyalty by keeping readers engaged. Now you know the power of content marketing and how it can make or break your business.

    Good luck for your next content marketing campaign!

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