Adobe Photoshop Entering into 3D Printing with Shapeways and MakerBot Integration

Today, everything has started going three-dimensional with 3D printers taking charge for high-end printing. This lets you produce some artfully designed 3D type products or whatever your imagination can perceive. Adobe is entering into 3D printing today, i.e. on Thursday, with a news update to Photoshop CC. The graphics editing program is adding in a new 3D-printing tool to make it simple for anyone to take a model.

You just have to put some finishing touches and get your imagination printed. Through it already includes some 3D modeling features, the platform does not expect most of its users to start building objects from starting. Instead, the tool is meant to make the platform a better option for those who are just trying to print a preexisting model.

3D printing isn’t a straightforward task, as it takes a while to install and you will need various programs, but it can be done with some time and effort. Adobe is adding a lot of features to make printing a model easy. The automatically generated temporary support will not let the model falling apart and it will also make sure that it does not breakdown during printing.

Adobe is going to work with MakerBot and Shapeways in order to make the platform more advanced so that Photoshop can automatically generate previews. The previews will let the users know how a model will look when it’s made by the printer. Another feature called ‘printer-specific preview’ will also be available for 3D Systems’ Cube printer.

The 3D modeling options in Photoshop have been vastly improved in CS6, with more instinctive onscreen controls that gives ability to produce models from flat photographs, artwork, or your imagination. Other newly added features consist of a new pencil tool for Illustrator, to make drawing freehand lines and curves much easier. Typekit, font tool of Adobe, is now bringing its fonts to the desktop and InDesign is getting better with EPUB support and simplified hyperlinks.

As a part f this update, the platform is also resetting all of its Creative Cloud’s 30-days trials. So, if you have ever signed up for a trial since its launch, you are eligible to start another free 30-day trial. According to Adobe, it’s time to give users another chance to try the most recent versions before committing to a subscription.

This update comes for free as Photoshop CC is part the subscription service of Adobe and will be made available for download today.

So, get ready to put your imaginations into reality!!!!

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