7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in SEO and Make Your Campaign A Big Hit

Make Your SEO Campaign a Big Hit!

SEO is the only way to get your website in the top search results and if not managed in a proper way, it could even lead to a huge disaster. When webmasters develop a site, they often ignore the SEO best practices and I must say that this is a terrible mistake. No website is perfect, especially when it is for the first time you build it, but there are ways to make it perfect by avoiding some basic mistakes.

Fortunately, you’ve got the chance to identify and correct all the mistakes so that you website can start enjoying more traffic and high visibility on search results.

Here are the 7 common SEO mistakes that you should avoid, as mentioned by Google, and make your site a big hit. Let’s face it:-

1. Low Quality Content – It not always mean copying from other websites, duplication within your own site could confuse the search engines to decide which content to index. It means existence of same content in more than one web-page within the same or different website. Avoid homepage duplication, duplicate URLs, web-pages with similar content, unplayable content and lack of content marketing.

2. Blocked JavaScript and CSS – Having blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files is a big mistake that could lead to suboptimal rankings, as mentioned by Google. It’s better to always allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS as well as image files in order to enjoy optimal indexing.

3. Using Unreliable SEO Services – Companies promising quick and cheap SEO services often use black hat SEO techniques. These aggressive black hat tactics not at all follow the search engine guidelines which may have a negative impact on the search results. These techniques breaks search engines rules and create a poor user experience which is not at all good for any website. Better to avoid them.

4. Not Focusing on Keyword Research – It’s easy to get quality content but very difficult to find the traffic-generating keywords. Give time to keyword research as there is no fun of having wrong keywords for your site and wasting your time on getting them on the top results. If you really want to bring traffic to your site, make sure you work on adequate keywords. You can find suitable keywords and build a search network using tools like Keyword Planner.

5. Inappropriate Meta Titles and Descriptions – Title tags and meta descriptions play a crucial role in indexing the web-pages. It is what search engines use to get a good idea of what the page is all about. The meta title and descriptions should include important keywords so that search engines can get a clear overview of the page’s content. It’s always better to include your brands in the title tag and every page should have its own unique title tag.

6. Discarding the Old Website Pages Completely – When you create a new site and completely kill the old one, it has a negative impact on your search rankings. Old pages that have already boosted SEO should never be completely deleted. The best way is to redirect pages to new site so they continue to appear even on page upgrades. Make sure that all images, videos and links on these pages are properly reconnected.

7. Missing Alt Tags – Search engines cannot differentiate between images without its title and Alt tag. So it is very important to enter relevant title and alt tags for each and every image you upload on your website. Give your images meaningful names so that search engines can easily find and differentiate them from others.

The above mentioned are few SEO mistakes that you should avoid to enjoy better search results. Avoiding these common mistakes is the only way to get your web-pages in top search results and what it all required is your concern and proper research.

Good luck for your SEO campaign…

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