‘Big Data’ will Revolutionize Schools, Hospitals and the Malls: IBM Says

IBM has always come up with an amazing technology, to make things more comfortable and easy to use. With the release of IBM’s yearly “5 in 5” prophecy for the technological innovations that could change the way of living over the next five years. This time the giant is all set to revolutionize schools, hospitals and malls through ‘Big Data’. According to the company, they are about to change the way organizations used to keep and use their information.

Data is growing faster than organization’s capability to consume it, almost 80% of information is unstructured and resides in backyards. IBM says that current system is not able enough to keep pace with increasing volume and velocity of data, there’s something more required to outperform the competition. ‘Big Data’ is a term given to address online tracking, advanced technology and intelligent city infrastructure. The entire data will be used to make things better.

According to IBM’s prediction, the coming years will bring practical applications of bits and bytes, or those piles of information.

Following are the five predictions of IBM:

Education – The classroom will learn you

Retail – Buying local will beat online

Healthcare – Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well

Security – A digital guardian will protect you online

Cities – The city will help you live in it

The schooling in the coming years will be different from the way the last generation was schooled, it will be more advanced, more hi-tech. Children will be tracked independently for their performance and to know who is lagging behind and why…

IBM says that DNA is a huge possibility and can be used to keep people well instead of blindly trying any treatment. Of course, the database would have to be massive and confidential, but the potential benefits are huge.

Then comes about cities, there will be cameras on each and every corner, meters at places where water and electricity are distributed and car sensing plated at traffic lights. The kind of predictions IBM has made, it seems like our way of living is going to change in next 5 years.

It’s all about making a Smarter Planet where everything is well organized, pretty advanced and safe to live. IBM researchers are experimenting an idea driven by a new era where machines or robots will learn, reason and engage with people.

These innovations seems to be practical with the increasing use of cloud computing and big data technologies.

Isn’t the idea of a Smart Planet is quite exciting…….

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